The New FDA Label Format Is Now Available!

Making a Nutrition Facts Label for food products and supplements is easy with Nutrition Facts Maker 2.0! This easy-to-use, web-based application allows you to enter your nutritional data and easily create:

  • The NEW and Original FDA Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Canadian Nutrition Facts Templates, and
  • USDA Seals

that are hi-resolution (300dpi), camera-ready, and in PDF format. These nutrition labels can be used as is, or incorporated into your product packaging, books, marketing materials, or electronic presentations.

With Nutrition Facts Maker 2.0, you have access to more than 60 different, ready-to-use Nutrition Facts Labels (US and Canadian), alcohol nutrition labels, supplement facts labels, and USDA seals from which to choose!

We can also customize nutrition facts labels for you at very reasonable prices. Simply call for a free, no obligation estimate.

Whether you are a graphics designer, marketer, large manufacturer, local bakery, candy maker, private-label manufacturer, or specialty food producer, this versatile nutrition facts generator will meet all of your Nutrition Facts labeling needs.

Check out our full set of USDA seals for poultry, livestock (cattle, swine, sheep, goats), horse, equine, and smoked meat products. Pictures of the available labels can be found at the bottom of the Available Labels page. All you need is your establishment number and you can easily generate seals for use on labeling or other materials.

Prices start at a very affordable $19.95!

A subscription gives you unlimited access to all of the current labels, as well as any other labels we add in the future, at no additional cost, for the duration of your subscription.

Our nutrition facts templates are designed to meet the guidelines established by the FDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency! If you scale these labels smaller, you may be out of compliance. You are solely responsible for compliance with FDA and Canadian Guidelines.

It's easy to get started...

  • Before you buy, click the Available Labels button above to view your current label choices (more can be added upon request).
  • Click the Buy Now button and select how long you need your access to last. (You can save significantly with a longer-term purchase).
  • Make your purchase using our secure PayPal interface. Save your PayPal receipt! Your Transaction ID is your permanent login ID.
  • Click the Make a Label tab at the top, review the simple entry instructions, and select the label you would like to use, then click "Next."
  • Enter your data--serving size, servings per container, fat, cholesterol, percent daily values, etc.
  • Click "Create Label" at the bottom of the page and generate your finished, camera-ready PDF label. It's ready to save on your hard drive or can be used immediately!

Give the file a descriptive name for future use and save it on your hard drive. You can use this particular label over and over again without logging into the Nutrition Facts Maker 2.0 web site. These labels integrate easily with Adobe Illustrator®, Photoshop®, InDesign®, and other graphics packages that work with PDF files.

Need a different label? Click on the Nutrition Facts Maker Make a Label menu tab and do it again!

If we don't have the label you need (such as a complete product label), we can custom-design something for you at a very reasonable price! Send your request to us at

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